Gallery Beauty & Healthcare Sephora Head Office @ Ngee Ann City


Creating an office for young minds hungry to express themselves in a fun, colourful and trendy way in a premise of an office is not an easy task. It is a challenge that put emphasis to balance as to what is too much and what is little. It is about symmetry between beauty and functionality.

An office that shows internal & external branding that creates corporate awareness within its staffs and visitors without missing out on the usefulness of the area. The layout adapts an Open concept that maximizes “eye contact” which encourages communication among colleagues. Pockets of seating spaces gives people space to learn, express their ideas and stretch their mind in a fun and colourful way.

The company encourages growth, therefore, room for expansion is one of the considerations making sure the office grows with the needs of the staffs. Places that can easily be converted to future workstations are planned out with 5 years growth projection. Allocating areas that does not only give the physical sense of space but with customized features to support specific needs provides freedom of experience to users.

Truly, an office that cradles a disruptive spirit when given a purpose can function in a good way.

Total constructed space:
24,000 sq ft