Team Building

D’Perception Singapore – Team Building Event
29 November 2018

Few weeks away to 2019, D’Perception conducted our annual team building at Ola Beach Club, Sentosa. The event was commendably well orchestrated by our organizing committee led by Head of HR Dept.

Some may ask; ‘What is team building and why is it important?’.

Most would agree that people spend a whole lot more time at work than being with loved ones. The nature of our business is extremely dynamic and challenging to say the least, constantly working against deadlines. Inevitably, friction stemmed from differences of opinion at work, plays the chord. Therefore, it is important to foster a cordial and harmonious workplace to harvest culture of; “agreeing to disagree professionally”, whilst the “show must go on”.

On 29 November 2018, 12pm sharp, everyone left their ranks in the office and headed to the event in uniform, got into their teams for competitive games such as – ‘transcending through the hoola hops’, ‘shake your bon bon for ping pong balls’, ‘creative camera poses’, ‘Trust walk’ and not forgetting the many who were mercilessly thrown into the swimming pool which was not part of the plan, of course. In the evening, all got dressed in their best – Pyjamas. Some dressed in onesies, others in bath ropes, some in kimonos and some came with soft toys. Yes! All very sporting indeed. Sumptuous dinner, award presentation and lucky draw ended the event quite nicely.

Comforting and fantastic sight it was to see the camaraderie built up through the event. Everyone enjoyed themselves and more importantly the team spirit continues to ring ever more.

As the saying goes… “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but memorable pictures of team mates enjoying themselves in unison speak volumes…


Article contributed by Melissa Ng
Photographs contributed by Christan Alvarez