Gallery Government Institutions Singapore Land Authority (PSA Building)

SINGAPORE LAND AUTHORITY’s vision of “Limited Land. Unlimited Space” goes beyond the physical contribution of the organization to society reaching as far as the digital world. Innovation and Dynamism is the driving force behind the concept of doing the office.

The highly flexible office of the future follows the growth and needs of the users. Having Senior Manager’s office in the morning transforms into a meeting room in the afternoon and a training room tomorrow gives the word “Utilize” a deeper meaning. Confidential rooms for 2 people can be expanded to 8 occupants’ room depending on future demand.

Having the future in mind, the office is going for Greenmark Gold Standard boasting the use of the latest EMS system that reduces its carbon footprint. By employing the latest digital system in a limited space, the office enables its users to experience and explore unlimited opportunities.

Total constructed space:
15,100 sq ft