Gallery Others Schneider Electric (50 Kallang Avenue)

Schneider Electric, decided to relocate 4 main office in Singapore and put them under the same building located at 50 Kallang Avenue. On top of that, they also moving themselves from the conventional working culture where everyone sitting on the same desk into ABW (Activities Base Workplace).

At least 10 different type of work space is providing to the staff base on their daily activities. Traditional work desk or table ledge is provides for those who just need to sit down and focus on their work. High counter allow for more staff to sit together. Collaborate and brainstorm for group discussion on project basic. Round discussion corner allow for short meeting or quick regroup. TV screen or writable wall can be easily found around these work space as well. A better sound controlled seating booth is provided for those meeting which might be noisier. Selectively, some of the workstation is height adjustable, which allow for those who prefer to stand and work. All these work space really tailor made and meets the organisation daily operation needs.

A huge outdoor garden and staff cafeteria is located at L8. A Multi-purpose room is strategically located at the corner of this cafeteria, which allow for Gym and yoga classes. Operable wall is introduced to this room which can be opened up and combine cafeteria space, and turn it into a town hall to house at least 200-250 PAX.

Minimalist and Scandinavian style is designed across all the office in the building, create a cosy and soothing working environment for everyone.

Total constructed space:
163,000 sq ft