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GovTech, formerly known as IDA, wanted an agile, innovative and fun working environment where employees enjoy certain freedom in defining their space to suit their style and pace of work and yet they can come easily to work collaboratively. It was a challenge to set up this platform where every element and function becomes a LEGO piece. Space and functions are ever-changing, taking form into what users require.

Agile working is all about creating a flexible and productive environment. With limited space to spare, every component designed for the office serves dual functions, doubling up as something else when required. Spaces are transformed into serving different functions in an instant. One minute it’s a team working in a cluster of workstations, the other minute a collaborative space for brain-storming.

Despite all the tech stuff going around, this office is doing its part for our natural environment and obtained BCA Green Mark certified Gold Plus standard which makes the space eco-friendly. Everyone plays a part like bees forming their hive. We only set up the stage where eventually, the users are truly the designers in their workplace.

Total constructed space:
9,000 sq ft